Barrett LaRoda

Advisory Board Chairman

Barrett LaRoda is an Intellectual Property Expert, with Industry expertise in developing and executing business strategy. These skills include contract negotiation, strategic alliance, business development and finance with a specialization Private /Public Sector Joint Ventures. He is a guiding force in expanding Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals Inc’s long-term goals, and underscores the companies’ focus on industry excellence. Barrett provides overall direction to programs that successfully address a broad range of requirements. He designs, develops and implements the strategic plan for the company in the most cost effective and time efficient manner. Responsible for both the day-to-day running of the company and developing business plans for long-term future of the company. Mr. LaRoda has a broad-based experience in development-project international trade & investment. Over 23 + years of experience in business identifications and development, and successful negotiations requiring the identification of global industries interested in trading and investment with developing countries.